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A faster, simpler and safer way to pay on all our events!

RedCard Account

Accéder à mon compte

How it works?

With the cashless solution, your money is credited to an account associated with your RedCard, which you use for any transaction. Bartenders scan the chip of your RedCard with a payment terminal and in a few seconds the transaction is done!

No more waiting at checkout, no more stolen or lost CB, no more lost cash... Deposit your money in a safe place and collect it at any time.

Why create an account?

Thanks to your RedCard account, you can:

  • add credit before and during the events via the website cashless.redwolf.fr,
  • save your credit card details for faster reloading,
  • view your account balance and transaction history,
  • block your RedCard and obtain a new one in case of loss or theft,
  • get a refund of your account balance when you want.

Creating an online account is optional but is highly recommended.

The 3 key steps

  • When I buy my ticket for a RedWolf event, I can choose to pre-charge my RedCard account at the same time.
  • If I already have my ticket, I log in above and create my account by entering the ticket number to add credit.

Where can I get my RedCard?

  • If I preloaded my account upstream, my RedCard will be given to me and credited upon entry through my ticket number.
  • If I have not preloaded my account, I can get a RedCard directly from the cashless desks of the festival, by paying in cash or by credit card.
  • The activation of your RedCard account is charged € 2 (deducted from your first load).

How to use it ?

  • On all the stands (bars, cloakroom, merchandising), I pay thanks to my RedCard. I present it and in a few seconds, my order is paid!
  • I can check my available credit before any order.
  • I can view my transaction history on my account.
  • If I do not have enough credit, another account can complete the transaction.

If I do not any credit left?

  • I go to one of the cashless counters to recharge my account.
  • I recharge my account from my smartphone. My RedCard is instantly credited!

If you will attend another RedWolf event:

  • keep your RedCard: the credit it contains can be used on another RedWolf event and this will save you from paying another € 2 activation fee.
  • In addition, it allows you to get a 5% discount on standard tickets (when purcahsing online, by entering the card number in the field "discount code", or by presenting it at the door).

Otherwise, I ask for the refund

  • If you wish to be refunded the unused credit, you can request it from your online account (on this page after having authenticated at the top). For technical reasons, we are not able to refund amounts less than 1 € and bank account outside of the SEPA area.


The card is accepted from May 25th, 2019 on all RedWolf events except those at Gibus. At YOYO, it is accepted only on drinks (not the cloakroom, as it is not managed by RedWolf).

Once the RedCard is activated and charged, it grants a 5% discount on RedWolf according to the following conditions:

  • the discount is not cumulative and only applies to standard rates (excluding Early Bird, Advance and VIP packages);
  • a single ticket can be discounted per RedCard and per event;
  • the discount must apply to the cardholder's ticket, so the name of the RedCard account must be the same as the name on the ticket;
  • the discount applies only if the card is active, there is credit remaining and no refund request has been made;
  • the discount can not be retroactive (ex. if a ticket has been purchased before the activation of the RedCard);
  • at the door, you must present the physical RedCard to get your discount as it must be scanned.

Tickets eligible for discount can be purchased on redwolf.fr/tickets or at the door.

An activation fee of € 2 is deducted from your first credit for the entire life of your card. It covers the technical cost of the service, the cost of the NFC chip card and bank reimbursement fees.

By reusing your card, you will not have to pay this activation fee.

If your RedCard does not work anymore, you must take a new one. To do this, go to a counter so that the balance of your current card is transferred to the new card. A fee of € 2 will be charged with the activation of the new card.