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RedWolf organizes its first festival during Paris Gay Pride, between June 28th and 30th, 2019. On the program, 4 events including an opening party on 28th June at the Bridge, the float during the parade followed by the main event with Offer Nissim at Dock Pullman on 29th June, and an after-party at Dock Haussmann on 30th June.


Opening Party

Friday 28/06
Bridge (ex. Showcase)

Main Event

Saturday 29/06
Dock Pullman


Sunday 30/06
Dock Haussmann


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Opening party

BIG Odysseus

BIG Odysseus

An exceptional venue to start the weekend.

Let's start the Paris Pride weekend with this opening party at the Bridge (ex. Showcase), completely refurbished it is probably now the best club of the capital.

Line-up: Karl Kay (France), Phil Romano (Italie)

Address: Bridge, Pont Alexandre III, 75008 Paris

Opening hours: 11pm-5am.

To get there: Metro line 1 or 13, station "Champs-Elysées - Clémenceau".

Main Party

BIG This is Paris Pride with Offer Nissim

Offer Nissim - This is Paris Pride 2019

The main event of this weekend takes place at Dock Pullmann.

After the Gay Pride parade, let's go to Dock Pullman for a marvelous party, headlining legendary Offer Nissim.

Line-up : OFFER NISSIM (Israel), Kingstone (France), Ran Ziv (Israel)

Address : Dock Pullman, 87 avenue des Magasins Généraux, 93300 Aubervilliers

Opening hours : 11pm-6am.

To get there : Metro line 12, station "Front Populaire - Aubervilliers".

After Party

BIG After Pride

BIG After Pride

Finish your weekend in style in a different atmosphere, but always happy, with BIG After at Dock Haussmann.

Cross the street to enter the Dock Eiffel, where you will be able to finish your festive weekend.

Line-up: Saeed Ali (Netherlands), Teddy J (France), Dorian M (France)

Address: Dock Haussmann, 87 avenue des Magasins Généraux, 93300 Aubervilliers

Opening hours: 6h-12h.

To get there: Metro line 12, station "Front Populaire - Aubervilliers".